I made a great discovery this weekend!  Ice Breakers now caries a very tasty xylitol mint.  Ice Breakers FROST:  Perfectly Powerful Mints!  And, even better, they’re available at grocery and convenience stores after Sept 10th!

There are other excellent xylitol mints (Spry, Omni, Epic, etc.) but they are typically hard to find or require online ordering.  For those of us that can’t chew gum, this seriously frustrates our access to xylitol!  (Anti-cavity, anti-plaque– it’s great stuff!)

To find other great products containing xylitol, look at the list of ingredients on the package.  Xylitol has to be in the first two ingredients.  Otherwise, it is not in a high enough concentration to provide predictable benefits.

Maria, RDH

For addition information:
Springs Oral Health, Dr Matthew Burton
Phone: 719-593-9025


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