Ask the Experts: Pain Upon Biting

When I bite down, I have a sharp pain in my tooth, what could be wrong? 

Pain upon biting can have several causes, the most common of which is a crack in the tooth itself.  Cracks can occur suddenly or over time due to years of chewing.  Forces in biting will cause pressure on the crack resulting in pain.  It is very important to seek timely treatment from your dentist because bacteria and acid can leak into the tooth causing an even bigger problem.  The tooth could also potentially break and result in tooth loss if the break is too severe to repair. 

Pain on biting can also occur when one tooth hits the opposing teeth sooner and consequently much harder than the ones around it.  Your teeth are meant to bear the significant force of your bite by spreading it between them.  Therefore, the tooth is taking far more pressure for prolonged periods of time and this force can eventually kill the nerve of the tooth just by repetitive trauma.

If other symptoms are also present like swelling, sensivity to temperature changes, bleeding and/or swollen gums, or aching without stimulation, many other causes should be considered.


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