Prescription Toothpaste

Prescription toothpaste often contains a higher amount of fluoride or other controlled ingredients than is available over the counter.  These more concentrated substances are able to accomplish more.  Prescription fluoride toothpastes have up to 5x  the fluoride content of their non-prescription counterparts.

Why are they sometimes necessary?

1.  Decay — Fluoride is a proven strong line of defense for someone who struggles with basic frequent cavities.

2.  Receding gumline — The root surface of a tooth is far less protected than the crown and as the gums recede these areas are very prone to sensitivity and decay.

3. Orthodontics/Braces — Plaque control can be quite difficult around braces and puts the orthodontic patient at high risk for cavities

4.  Dry Mouth — Saliva is a natural defense against cavities as it buffers acid and sweeps food and debris out of our mouth. Low saliva production is a quick way to problems.

5.  Restorations (crowns, fillings, bridges) — These areas can be more difficult to clean. Just like orthodontics and dry mouth, the accumulation of extra plaque and debris increases risk of cavities.


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