Trivia Question Q and A for March

Last month’s question was about a nocturnal horse riding silversmith who was also a dentist who did the first forensic dental identification known in America.  The answer was Paul Revere.

 He made a silver and ivory dental bridge for Dr Joseph Warren, a general in Washington’s Army during the American War of Independence. The general was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill and buried in an unmarked grave with several other soldiers. A year after the battle, the bodies were recovered and Paul Revere identified Dr Warren’s body on the basis of the bridgework he had done.

Congratulations to Marvin for getting the answer right and winning the drawing for a $40 gift card to Carrabbas.

This month we are playing for a $40 gift card to PF Chang.  Good Luck!


Teeth are harder than bone and are the last part of the body to be broken down or destroyed. Which component of the teeth is the hardest substance in the human body?

  1. A.  Dentin
  2. B.  Pulp
  3. C.  Enamel
  4. D.  Sharpey’s fibers


You can respond via Facebook, email, calling in or by filling out the paper at the front desk.


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